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Dr. Jim understands your pain.

  He is proud to be a US Army Veteran and helps serve the active military community through educating and overseeing specific training of SOF and regular army Combat medics on extremity and soft tissue manipulations.

  Above is a picture of the tools he uses to work out soft tissue dysfunctions.  The tools have been extremely beneficial for his patients and help to further identify joint, soft tissue and muscle propblems.  The technique he has developed using the tools is similar to many other forms of soft tissue release methods but not as aggressive.

  Dr. Jim joined the Hamilton Fire Department in 2011 and is currently training to become a chaplain for the fire department and H.E.A.R.T. ministries. He is thankful to have the opportunity to give back to the community on several levels as a fire fighter.

We provide sports physicals for athletes. Student athletes are required to have a "pre-participation" physical every year.  
  Dr. Jim is very knowlegable of both chronic and acute injuries.  It is our policy to also provide free evaluations for students who receive sports physicals from Canyon Chiropractic. Please use the MHSA Pre-participation form below.

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